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Ryan Weiss is passionate about engaging with business leaders who are interested in influencing the world in a positive way, and has over 20 years of success leading teams, programs, and operations to drive business results and profitability.

His strong appreciation for diverse cultures was gained through extensive international work experience living in 3 countries, and leading global teams across more than 20 countries.

Founded & ran his first business from ages 15-20 to pay for college. That company is still growing today under his brother’s leadership serving thousands of clients in 50+ communities with a rapidly growing team.


Global executive for a $20B chemical company, living in 3 countries, & leading teams of 200+ people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. He also served as the Global Technology Manager of a $500M chemical portfolio.


Founded EPS in 2016 to re engage his entrepreneurial spirit. The company has since grown to a global team serving clients across a wide variety of industries in North America (Construction, Services, Transportation, Manufacturing, and others) with a proprietary software platform, BPO team, and facilitation coaching team.


Ryan earned degrees in Chemistry (uiuc.edu) & Finance (ku.edu) creating a foundation for understanding across the technical, leadership, and financial needs of businesses to thrive. Throughout the course of his career, he created what is now known as the OPTICS™ System to enable companies to align people & processes for accelerated performance. The OPTICS™ System has been designed as a simple way for leadership teams to align for improved performance.

He is currently writing his second book, which is scheduled for release in early 2024. The book will provide readers with the ability to understand your challenges through a new lens of clarity.

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About Ryan

Effective Performance Strategies (EPS) was founded in 2016 by Ryan Weiss based on his passion of working with people to create & execute on simple effective processes that work!

With decades of experience in process improvement and people leadership, our team is focused on helping your team succeed using the OPTICS™ System.


“Impact the world in a positive way by helping teams clarify, simplify, document, and execute on processes that work.”


  • Lead with transparency & integrity

  • Create value

  • Develop long-term relationships

  • Acknowledge failure, learn from it, adapt


The OPTICS™ System is composed of 3 key elements for success: Process, People, and Performance.

The system includes experienced facilitation coaches, software platform and global support team to ensure your team’s success!


"Clearly aligned processes enable your team to optimize performance & ultimately fulfill your organization’s purpose!"

5 Steps of the OPTICS™ System

Enable your organization to get better aligned for increased profitability, streamlined processes, improved customer experience, and focused accountability.


Purpose / Scope / Gaps


SIPOC Alignment of

People & Process


QVS™ Identification of

Performance Gaps


QVS™ Identification of

Performance Gaps


ARM™ Accountability

Responsibility Matrix


Roadmap with

Assigned Actions!


Refine & Repeat!


The EPS team has decades of experience in industries spanning construction, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, and services.

The OPTIC(S™ System has been used across companies of all sizes and industries to solve the pain felt by business owners and leaders to execute more effectively & efficiently.

Our team is able to share hundreds of examples of how we have helped leadership teams get better aligned, close gaps enabling efficient growth, create great onboarding training, and solve problems by creating processes that work across departments to deliver profitable client experiences.

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